A brand identity for any organisation needs to be protected. For a company to actively manage the brand, a full explanation of what the brand stands for and why it is important should be communicated to all relevant stakeholders.

Companies often develop Brand Guideline Documents to communicate how to use the core elements of their brand identities.

Some reasons why Brand Guidelines can help –

Internal and external personnel and partners will gain a better understanding of the brand identity.

Consistent Implementation
Brand Guidelines ensure that the various elements of a brand identity are used correctly throughout every marketing and communication channel.

Brand Guideline documentation helps to further reinforce values, style and personality to all appropriate stakeholders.

By constantly communicating the brand values to important stakeholders, the credibility and reputation of the organisation is increased.

Research suggests that companies who use Brand Guidelines are more commercially successful than their competitors.

Here are some examples of Brand Guideline documentation that Perro have created.

Using Brand guidelines

Using Brand guidelines

Using Brand guidelines

Using Brand guidelines

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