We are thrilled to have received a Silver Shared Value Award from Oasis Community Housing. Helping local communities thrive is at the core of our business, and partnering with this wonderful charity means that we can help to provide hope, security and a better future for people facing homelessness across the North East.

Estimates suggest almost 230,000 people were experiencing the worst forms of homelessness – rough sleeping, sleeping in cars and sheds, stuck in hostels – across Britain in 2021. Yet, latest Government figures showed homelessness had risen a further 11% in the first three months of this year. With over 74,000 households in England becoming homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless between January and March 2022.

Oasis Community Housing has with almost 40 years’ experience supporting people facing homelessness, especially young women and mothers and babies. Every year, the charity helps more than 1,300 people by providing housing, support and, more fundamentally, a place where people feel they can belong. They have projects across North East England, South London and Peterborough.

The Award is in recognition of the support the charity has received over the past 12 months from Perro and celebrates the success of the corporate partnership.
Oasis Community Housing’s Chief Executive, David Smith, said:

“Our Shared Value Awards recognise those businesses that go above and beyond in support of our charity. Every year we deliver help, housing and, moreover, a place people feel they belong through our drop-ins, emergency accommodation and supported accommodation projects. We could not deliver what we do without the generous support of our valued corporate partners and the dedicated individuals within these businesses.”

We are proud to partner with Oasis Community Housing to help give hope and reignite a future for everyone facing homelessness in our communities. It was fantastic to receive a Silver Shared Value Award as recognition of our dedication and on-going support for this amazing charity.

Find out more about Oasis Community Housing here.