We use the term Band Architecture to describe how a series of entities or brands are structured in relation to each other.

There are 3 basic forms of Brand Architecture –

Single Business Identity
The organisation uses only one name and visual identity.

Endorsed Identities
The organisation owns a variety of brands which are endorsed by the same name and visual identity.

Brand-based Identity
The organisation owns a number of unrelated brands that have their own name and visual identity.
Neither approach is ‘correct’ or ‘better’ than another. Over recent years, Perro has appropriately applied all of theses approaches to different clients.

People often presume that Brand Architecture is only a consideration for larger companies. Brand Architecture should be considered by all organisations at all stages and sizes from a new start up to a larger more established blue chip organisation that’s looking to launch into new markets or acquire companies.

New start ups should explore Brand Architecture principles when thinking about their name. For example Dave should not call his business Dave’s Plumbing if the business plan aims to offer plumbing and electrical services. A business named Dave’s Plumbing with a strap line of Plumbing and Electrical services isn’t coherent and will confuse potential customers.

Band Architecture in larger organisations isn’t always a straight forward marketing consideration. Often share capital, ownership and other organisational issues override marketing considerations.

However, Brand Architecture is easy to consider when an effective business plan and marketing strategy is in place.

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