These are some of the most common scenarios where a naming strategy could be appropriate.

Start Up
At start up or pre start phase, lots of important decisions are often made. Getting the right name from the outset will give your business or product more chance of long term success. The name of a new organisation can also be hugely influence the direction of the overall brand development.

Brands of established organisations often become tired and dated. As a business changes, the brand identity also needs to change to reflect the current position. A name change can help an organisation to stand out from competitors and re-connect appropriately with identified target markets.

When 2 organisations merge, the most obvious methodology is to combine the existing names. Unfortunately this isn’t practical or appropriate in most cases. When different cultures, values and styles merge, sometimes the only way forward is to create something entirely new.

As businesses launch new products and services, a new name is often required to support the marketing of these new ventures. The relationship between the name of the new product or service and the original business is critical to the overall success.