As well as 8 city centre multi-story car parks, Newcastle City Council also operates over 40 additional locations throughout the city. Over the last 2 years, we’ve been working with Newcastle City Council to redesign their car parking signage across the city-wide car park network. Our work coincided with the launch of the new ‘Check in Check out’ scheme, which is now operational in city-centre car parks including Eldon Square, Eldon Garden, Dean Street, Grainger Town and Ellison Place. To use ‘Check in Check out’, customers simply use their payment card to ‘check in’ when they arrive. When they return to their vehicle later, they ‘check out’ and are charged the exact amount of time parked. Throughout 2022, this scheme will be rolled out to more car parks across the city. Initially, we created icons to clearly communicate the different ways customers can pay for parking. As well as designing directional and informative sign systems, we redesigned all of the Tariff Boards. The Tariff Boards communicate key information, including opening hours, charges, how to pay, and general customer information. They also include important information for blue badge holders.