Our Creative Director, Andy Ditchburn reminds us of his Market, Message, Medium process –

My ‘Market Message Medium’ process was designed to help you choose the best marketing methods to communicate your unique messages to your specific target audience.

Market – Who Are You Talking To? 

Before implementing any marketing activity, it’s crucial to have a great understanding of who your target market is.

Marketing has always been, and always will be a numbers game.

Successful marketing needs to be efficient. It’s not cost effective or a good use of your time to approach anyone who will never be interested in purchasing your product or service.

Message – What Are You Saying? 

Communicating key and relevant marketing messages will help you to engage with your target market and ultimately deliver more successful marketing activity.

Establishing a relevant Unique Perceived Benefit (UPB) and compelling key messages will help you to communicate why your product or service is different to (and better than) your competitors.

Medium – How Will You Say It? 

You need to select the most appropriate medium(s) to implement successful marketing activity. The medium should engage with your target market and effectively communicate your UPB and Key Messages.

Marketing strategy and relevant tactics can usually be broken down into Outbound and Inbound activity.

Some Thoughts on Return on Investment…

It’s crucially important that all marketing activity is constantly tested and measured. You need to record how much time and money each campaign has cost to implement and the level of income that’s generated in return.

Income should be measured in 2 ways – the value of the initial sale and the likely longterm value of the customer.

Testing and measuring gives you vital information to make better decisions when planning future marketing activity.