Oasis Community Housing exists to reignite hope and a future for everyone facing homelessness. Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, Oasis have adapted their projects to support people who are homeless or living in temporary accommodation.

As part of the Government’s COVID-19 response, around 15,000 homeless people were moved off the streets and into temporary accommodation. However, during the 2020 lockdowns, Oasis staff have witnessed young single mothers lose the vital services that support them and desperate struggles with mental health. There’s been a national surge in domestic abuse cases.

The ‘Giving a Home’ Christmas campaign launched on 5th November 2020 and runs until 31st January 2021. The campaign aims to support around 2,000 people on their journey from and out of homelessness across North East and London.

Businesses, schools, church groups and individuals are invited through sponsorship and one-off donations to help build the Virtual Gingerbread House. For every £2,000 raised, a gingerbread person will move into the house, enabling the rebuilding of another devastated and vulnerable life.

Perro was asked to design the visual identity for the Giving A Home campaign. Our approach complements the existing Oasis brand identity toolkit and incorporates fabulous illustrations created by Julia Dobson.

We also designed all of the marketing and communication material including, Sponsorship and Supporter Documents for Businesses, Schools and Church Groups, leaflets detailing ways individuals can give, social media graphics and a postal appeal.

The campaign looks on track to raise more than £30,000. This fantastic achievement will enable Oasis to support over 15 people on their journey from and out of homelessness.

Find out more at https://www.givingahome.org.uk.