Congratulations to Northumbrian Pantry! Their best selling Chilli Relish has been awarded a Great Taste 1 Star award. This award recognises Chilli Relish as an exceptional product offering fantastic flavour!

Chilli Relish is described as a fiery burst of both large red, and Thai chillis blended with finely chopped red peppers and cherry tomatoes, versatile lasting flavours that can be used in exotic cooking, a relish for wraps, in dips and is even perfect with blue cheeses.

The judging panel commented – A vibrantly coloured, fresh-looking relish with generous amounts of peppers, tomato and chilli. There is a pleasantly fresh, light fruitiness and light crunch, not spoilt by overprocessing,… The sweetness, salt and heat are well-judged and mellow and the ginger comes through with extra warmth… The fresh vegetables were finely chopped and well-cooked… A very fresh and well-balanced relish.

Since it’s launch, Chilli Relish has had consistent high praise from all who’ve tried it, so this news didn’t come as a great surprise to us.

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