Throughout the last 14 years, Perro have implemented many rebranding projects for businesses and organisations of all sizes from within the public, private and third sectors.

We recently created 2 new products ‘Stand Out and Sell More’ and ‘Make An Amazing 1st Impression’, to support clients who need to create a new identity from scratch, or to rebrand.

The most common reasons to rebrand are

  • The original brand and marketing materials were badly conceived. Often when starting up, the founders create the identity themselves, or an inadequate budget is allocated towards developing a brand identity.
  • The existing brand identity and marketing material have dated and are tired. Something that was ‘on trend’ 5 years ago, might not be now.
  • The business or organisation has grown and is now operating at a new level, competing against slicker organisations who have superior brands and marketing material.
  • The business has evolved or changed direction and offers new products and services.
  • Organisations have made acquisitions, merged and formed new companies and divisions. These changes effect Brand Architecture and often leave brand structure confused.
  • The existing brand doesn’t work on new digital technology and social media channels.

A complete rebrand (overhauling the existing brand identity and all of the marketing and communication material) isn’t always necessary. Before advising on the best way forward, Perro recommend carrying out a brand audit and a marketing and communication material review.